Some relief for home care package clients

MHSome home care package clients will lose care hours from 1 July 2015 thanks to the transition to consumer directed care and the cessation of cross-subsidisation. Some clients have been told that they will need to pay more for their care or reduce their services or go into a nursing home.

If you receive care in the home under the Home Care Package Programme and have been told that your home care hours will reduce from 1 July, you need to contact the Department of Social Services, which is now reviewing these cases. Call the Consumer Directed Care Transition hotline on 1800 138 225.

For more information, download this fact sheet.

Image: petition to ensure home care recipients maintain their care hours after 1 July 2015:


2 responses to “Some relief for home care package clients

  1. Another example of the public service juggernaught not thinking things through! There are too many organisations putting in their 50cent worth of commentary and all we end up with is a fractured

    If there was a specialist panel, comprised of ACTUAL in home care providers (family, friends etc.) who are dealing with the person’s needs on a daily basis, and who were able to confer with these govt. boffins before a plan is put in train, the provision of care packages would not cause so much angst.

    All I have ever seen over the years is a system which could be simplified and effective, operate as a dysfunctional and complex model which defeats the purpose of wisely and usefully expend the Govt. care funding dollars.

    The only analogy I can make is that we have a butcher performing brain surgery – wouldn’t like to be in that hospital, would you?

    God help us all.

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